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Marlin Realty INC

When you sign with us, there is one thing guaranteed - your home will sell, and it's going to sell sooner than later.

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Are you ready to save Thousands?
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Home of the 1.5% Discounted Commission Program



We Have the Most Flexible Commission programs in South Florida

We save you the most and deliver outstanding results. We are also one of the most well versed brokerages when compared to all others - we are top 1% in the entire state of Florida In terms of volume, We sell more and have more buyers than 99% of all other agents. For the Entire United States we are in the top 5% in terms of volume the past 6 years in a row.  Lastly, we do not even have a contract at all to work with us.

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We Will Save You Thousands

Use our tools and Agents to assist you in finding the property of your dreams:


Our Specializations

Our listings are identical to anyone else, any other brokerage, that is full service. Not to mention with me you get a top 1% agent that does more volume than 99% of all other agents. Only with actual closings, comes actual experience, and almost no one has more experience than me. 

No Contract at all.  No listing Commitment at all. 

Discounted commission. We have the lowest fees in all of South Florida.

$0 up front cost once so ever or any sort of marketing or otherwise , never reimbursed , ever.

All listings are Full service including professional HDR photography including Zillow 3D virtual tour , regular virtual tour, HD inside and outside , plus aerial footage of the home as well.  We have the ability to sell your property Virtually without even bringing buyers into the home if the customer were to choose 

Buy or sell completely virtually.  We can handle the entire sale or purchase for that matter remotely, which is ideal for International or out of state buyers.  We can virtually show homes thru virtual tour or live video person to person as well. We can close the transaction completely paperless and 100% virtual if the client choose .


Sales Over Past 5 Years Statistics

Total Sales


Number of Sales


1.5% Commission


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We sell more and have  more buyers than 99% of  all other agents. 

When you hire me, you're hiring a broker. I own the company, that's the main reason I can discount my commission from the start, the commission I make is what I make. I do not have to share with someone who is a non-factor in the sale. I take pride in saving my clients money, I put the most net cash in your pocket. I'm a small business owner moreover.... I wouldn't survive if I didn't treat my customers like family. My business is around 90% referral based, I treat my customers right, save them thousands, in turn they refer me to their family and friends to save them money as well. I do not even require a contract to sell with me. I'm one of the strongest negotiators in South Florida. I personally average more than one closing per week throughout my entire career and have closed thousands of homes in my career. There is no question I can guide you through this process from start to finish and put more money in your pocket than anyone else.


"Sam was extremely responsive to my every text. I was very impressed with his approach and him telling me to let him do the work. I’m a former realtor. I know how things are. I really appreciate what he was able to do for me. He was very honest and direct. He responded 7 days a week until the closing. I wish him continued success! He did a fantastic job getting my condo on the MLS."



Are you ready to save Thousands?
Enter your info to sell your property for only 1.5% commission and book a in person appointment today 

Thanks for registering!

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